Liver Flush Kit Instruction Booklet

The information on this site is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, sickness or disease, consult your physician before you try any of these cleansing protocols. All information on this site is purely for research and informational purposes only, following any of these cleansing protocol procedures do so at your own risk.


1) Organic x-virgin cold pressed Olive Oil (26oz)
2) Expeller pressed hexane free Castor Oil (16oz)
3) Organic cotton flannel (13"x16")
4) Oxy-Mag Powder (6oz)
5) Orthophosphoric Acid drops (2oz)
6) Liver Restoration Herbs (120 veg caps)
7) Enema Bucket
8) Heart shaped hot water bottle
9) Detailed instruction booklet

10) Power Plus Digestive Enzymes (200 veg caps)
11) Niacin B3 (250mg-90 veg caps


Go on a high percent raw food diet for 3-4 weeks. You can include any of the raw food recipes I will post at the bottom of the page, the recipes are separated into breakfast, lunch and dinner and are 100% raw food recipes with no cooked food in the ingredients. During these 3-4 weeks take 1 liver restore herb capsule, and 2 power plus digestive enzymes for lunch and dinner before/during your meals. Also take 10-20 drops of orthophosphoric acid drops with a glass of water 1-2 times per day, this will soften and dissolve some of the stones so they can pass more easily through the bile ducts. During the last week of your raw food diet go one a 100% liquid diet, you can include raw soups, fruit smoothies, master cleanse drink, liver electrolyte drink, juicing, rejuvelac, kombucha and other detox drinks during these 7 days. continue to take 2 power plus digestive enzymes per day during the last 7 days of your prep diet as well as 1 lipase digestive enzyme and 1 liver restore herb capsule. The last 3-4 days of the liquid diet do 1-2 coffee enemas per day and a castor oil compress to relax the liver and the bile ducts and to prepare the liver for flushing. Also for these 3-4 days leading to the flush take 1 tbsp of oxy-mag powder with a glass of water and half a fresh squeezed lemon, the lemon contains ascorbic acid which activates the oxy-mag. Oxy-mag will clean the digestive tract and get the bowels moving so take it in the evening when you will be home and near a toilet cause it is a kind of laxative.


Stay on a liquid diet for flush day (very important).
Do a coffee enema at 12:00 PM
Take 250-500mg of niacin B3 at 12:30 PM
Take 1-2 tbsp of epsom salt in a glass of water at 12:30 PM
Perform a castor oil pack with your castor oil, 13 x 16 cotton flannel and heart water bottle (watch the castor oil compress video)
At 1 PM start sipping your 4-8 oz olive oil and 4-8 oz of lemon juice by alternating sipping back and forth. Sip them over a one hour period.
At 2 PM do another coffee enema and take another 250-500 mg of niacin B3 and 1 tbsp of epsom salt in a glass of water.
Lay down on your right side and keep the castor oil pack on. (make sure it is warm)
Think good thoughts and say a prayer for your liver and gallbladder.
The next morning or the first bowel movement may produce hundreds of stones.
Continue to use the oxy-mag and fresh lemon juice in water to clean the intestinal tract of any stones, toxins or debris from the liver flush for 2-3 days after the flush.
(Optional) preform a probiotic enema to reseed the intestines with friendly beneficial bacteria.

Happy Stone Harvesting!